Nijens Handschuhe Olive Wolle Schurwolle
Nijens Handschuhe Olive Wolle
Nijens Handschuhe Olive Wolle Schurwolle Fäustlinge
Nijens Handschuhe Fäustlinge Wolle Lavendel

Nijens Gloves Olive wool Virgin wool Mittens Loonna-set-10

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hand knitted Gloves out of wool.

hand knitted Mittens which can be quickly and easily converted to short gloves. Your hands are always warm and protected. They are very practical when shopping or cycling, just button the flap on the back of your hand.

A nice present in the winter time, for every occasion!

The Gloves have a length of approx. 24 cm and a circumference of approx. 20 cm.

Material: 100% Virgin wool.

Lining: Fleece: 100% Polyester.