Hose Nijens Frauenhose aus Viskose mit Paisley Schwarz-Grün
Hose Nijens Frauenhose aus Viskose mit Paisley Grün-Schwarz-Lila
Viskose Hose für Frauen NIJENS
Hosen NijensTirra-23 - NIJENS
Hosen NijensTirra-23 - NIJENS

Nijens women's pants made of viscose with paisley Tirra-85

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All our women's models are airy and offer a perfect alternative to tight leggings and jeans.

Suitable for …

✓ Walks

✓ Yoga

✓ Beach trips


Adjustable in size with an elastic waistband.

2 sizes of straps to adjust the foot width - limitless wearing options.

2 pockets.

Comfort at hip and waist.

Elastic waist circumference:

S/M ca 68 cm bis 104 cm

L/XL ca 80 cm bis 130 cm


S/M: Length approx. 97 cm

L/XL: Length approx. 102 cm

Material: Rayon (Viskose).

Made in India. 

Designed in Berlin.