Wendbare Bauchtasche Nijens Gürteltasche Stoff mit Blumen Motive in Rot
Wendbare Bauchtasche Nijens Gürteltasche Stoff in Rot
Wendbare Bauchtasche NijensSaigon 326-2 - NIJENS

Reversible fanny pack Nijens belt bag fabric with flower motifs in red Saigon 325

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Size-adjustable and reversible belt bag made of three different fabrics, with four pockets. Can be enlarged with a zipper at the bottom.

The belt bag, hip bag, fanny pack, hip bag ideal for going out, for concerts, theater or parties. This bum bag is also perfect for travelling, walking or cycling. 

Belt pouch for passport, debit cards, money, keys, coins.

A bag is shown from both sides.

Waist belt circumference adjustable approx. 86 to 118 cm.

  • Size: L*B*H ca. 19 x 10,5 x 24 cm.
  • Material: 100% cotton.