Nijens Wollmütze Türkis mit Fixierung am Hinterkopf, mit wärmenden Fleeceeinsatz
Wollmütze mit Fixierung am Hinterkopf Türkis-Blau

Long Beanie Nijens wool hat with fixation at the back of the head, with warming fleece insert Janoos C-41

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Wool hat with fixation at the back of the head, with warming fleece insert.

With the fashionable and warm hat you are well protected from the cold in the cold season. Together with our mittens or wrist warmers you can enjoy the winter.

The hat has a circumference of approx. 58 cm.

Care instructions: Wash cold (not 30°) by hand.

Material: 100% new wool

Lining: Fleece: 100% Polyester