Nijens Ganga Rucksack für Reisen, Campen, Sport Turnbeutel Canvas Türkis
Nijens Ganga Rucksack aus Canvas Türkis-Om
Nijens Rucksack aus Canvas Türkis

Nijens gym bag for travel, camping, sports shoulder bag Ganga backpack 646

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Equipped with two zipped compartments, one larger E.g. for the purse and a smaller one for the mobile phone. The backpack can be securely closed simply by pulling the ropes together, making the backpack usable for all purposes Traveling, camping, sports or shopping super convenient to use.

Attractive color combinations of the latest design make our backpacks a real eye-catcher! 


  • Sizes: B - 40 cm, H - 45 cm 
  • Klein: B - 38 cm, H - 36 cm
  • Material: printed canvas (canvas-like made of cotton).